donderdag 15 september 2011


one of the best death metal releases this year: buy or die!!

aaaaarrrrrggghhh! this is it!... true old school death metal assault...

i would kill to hear another album like this one... 100% maximum score

extremely powerful, vile and totally crazy... marvellous!!

old school as hell... death metal as it was meant to be...

quickly conquers the heart of the underground

awesome old school brutality... this album is supreme! 10/10 maximum score

grabs you by the balls... every song hits bulls-eye!

the most metal release of 2011

this is old school death metal to the bone!

awesome release... this is one you must check out... 9/10

brutal as AUTOPSY and insane as IMPETIGO!

100% headbang rate... pure old school death metal... recommended!

surprising outstanding release... 5/5 maximum score

mandatory death metal... old school without bullshit

perverse, rancid, love it! very strong debut

cool band... convincing sick underground death metal

blood and horror with a very personal touch of highly-inspired own-identityship... 90/100

magnificent motherfucking old school horror death metal

strong album... convincing in every way

hell yeah this sure brings back the early days of deathmetal!

skullcrushing... puts a bloody smile on my face... killer album for sure

that’s the spirit! full-blown old school death metal as fuck!

impressive... grotesque... a new way of suffering through music

heavy, brutal, thunderous riffing and good melodies... nice work!!

blunt death metal that blows you away like a tsunami

great record... tailor made for those who like their death metal old school

dirty, filthy, twisted and poorly accessible... love it!

absolutely mandatory for old school death maniacs

a beast of a record... only one conclusion: death fucking metal!

surprise of 2011... measures up with OBITUARY and ASPHYX!

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